New Build House Somerset

About This Project

We were originally commissioned to extend a stone cottage that our client had just purchased and so we obtained planning permission to add two large extensions. However, when works started on site, a large well in the position of the extension and an unusually high water table forced a rethink. After considering the options we suggested a highly efficient new build house would be almost as inexpensive as refurbishing and extending the existing cottage.

After an initial reticence the client quickly got excited about a thermally efficient house built to her own requirements and she embraced the new design proposals that altered little from the very original sketch. The design although contemporary, takes it form from traditional agricultural barns in the area.

The completed house incorporates an insulated raft foundation with 300mm thick insulated timber frame walls and roof. The house is clad with a natural slate roof, stone from the original cottage and cedar paneling. The low roof pitch is a result of having to build the site up to overcome the high water table and planning restrictions forcing the ridge height down. The house is so thermally efficient that the only heating is underfloor heating on the ground floor and a wood burning stove that so far has not needed to be lit!